It's Time to Act Like an ADULT!


Have You ever noticed when You ask a child why they did something wrong, they usually make up an Excuse or Blame it on someone else – maybe the dog? As an adult, do You do that? Isn’t it Time to stop acting like a Child and start acting like - maybe even becoming a real Adult by taking Responsibility for Your Actions and Choices?
With Anger Coaching You'll be learning some practical Tools and Techniques that will help You stop pulling Temper Tantrums and take back Control of Your Life.  Imagine how much better You will feel when others begin to notice the Changes and begin to treat You with the Respect You've always wanted, instead of thinking how Childish You act!
Do You reallly Think Raising Your Voice or Screaming helps?
Raising your voice and screaming like a little child just isn't going to get you very far in life!  Be an adult and handle anger in an adult way!

It doesn’t matter how old You are, it’s never too late to take Responsibility. NOW would be a good time.   Whether You're in your 20's, 30's, even 60's or 70's, at a certain point, You just have to put away the Childish Thoughts of Always having to be Right!  Learn to Listen, to be Patient, to Accept that Others - and YOU too - have Faults that can be Aggravating and Annoying. 
You probably know, and Resent the fact, that Your family, Friends, and Co-Workers make fun of You for the Childish Outbursts, and Temper Tantrums, the Loud Screaming when You don't get Your way.  And then You get MAD at that! 
You can keep on doing what You're doing, or You can make a Choice to Change - NOW.  What will it be? 
When You're ready - let's talk.  If You're not 100% Committed - Wait until You are - Just don't let it be so long that You do something Foolish - like You haven't already - Right?