Anger can interfere with an athlete’s focus and ability to perform to their maximum ability.  Don’t let Anger ruin your game!  I work with athletes who are in high school, college, and professional athletes.

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Action Resources Center Anger Management Coaching is ideal for Professional Athletes, College Athletes, and High School Athletes:

Especially on the professional level You need to really be in control of Anger!  If You're not, You're playing at a HUGE disadvantage!

Now, let's not confuse Anger with Agression. 


I've had a couple of Athletes who were afraid the work we do together would make them less Aggressive. 

That's NOT the case at all. 

It will give You a tremendous Advantage because it will allow YOU to be in CONTROL of Your emotions and You can still be Aggresive during Your game.  And even more in Control outside Your Sport!

And another area where Professional Athletes are helped with Anger Coaching is saving their relationships - with their spouse, children, friends, and teammates.

You've worked hard to get to where You are.  You certainly don't want to allow Anger to get in the way of Your performance.

And yes, the work we do together is confidential!

Dallas / Fort Worth Anger Control for Professional Athletes
Anger can ruin Your focus during the game!

Anger Control for High School Athletes
Whether it's Golf or any other Sport Anger will keep You from Your best Sports Performance!

College and High School Athletes are just as at risk as Professional Athletes of letting Anger ruin their sports performance!

Especially at these levels, Anger can:

  • lessen Your playing time
  • ruin Your focus
  • and even interfere with Your study habits

And if You're thinking about playing Professionally, Anger can hold You back!